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Has anyone ever asked you, What does an herbalist DO?

It can be challenging to explain the multi-faceted life of an herbalist! Though herbalists work in the wellness field, herbalists are not doctors! In fact, in many areas of the world, herbalism is not a licensed profession.

An herbalist may work in a clinical setting, sell herbal products as a business owner, grow herbs, write about herbs, or be a family herbalist who uses herbs at home.  

For any type of herbalist, even more challenging than explaining what an herbalist does can be navigating the legal, ethical, and logistical considerations of using herbs, when there are not a lot of guideposts available along the path.

If you are searching for this guidance, we welcome you to join us in our Free Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course, a series of guideposts on your journey as an herbalist. This exploratory course will inform and enlighten your herbal path – wherever it takes you! Choose to upgrade your free registration to get our 140 page Herbal Journey Planner, a printed version of this course complete with a 2 year calendar and bonus discovery activities and pages to guide you through your unique path as an herbalist!

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It’s common to begin your herbalist training with a particular career or personal goal in mind, but sometimes it can be difficult to start goal setting when you don’t have a good understanding of the options available to you as an herbalist!

With the copious amount of information available on herbalism in this increasingly overly-saturated market, finding safe and secure guidance on how to get started is not always easy!
In this FREE Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course, we will walk you through the many opportunities you have to pursue your herbalist path and training!

Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course


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Upgrade with the Herbal Journey Planner!

The Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course is completely free! You will even get a PDF download of the course lessons so you can continue to use it as a reference after your studies are completed. As an upgrade option, you can purchase our Herbal Journey Planner which is complete with all the lessons from the course along with additional bonus discovery activities to help you gain insight and clarify your goals, calendars to keep yourself organized, and notes pages to write down all your herbal hopes and dreams. This 140 page Herbal Journey Planner will become an essential tool in your journey as an herbalist. Use it as a resource and keepsake for years and years to come!


Becoming an Herbalist Course Outline:


By the end of this course, you will be brimming with ideas on how you want to be an herbalist and the steps you need to take to get there. We hope that the exposure to so many important herbal considerations (some you may have not even thought about!) inspires you to continue growing as an herbalist and that the groundwork we have provided is a foundation for your confidence as you step forward on your herbal path.

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