Botany and Wildcrafting Course

Botany & Wildcrafting Course

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Discover the science of botanical identification and the art of wildcrafting through this captivating voyage into wild edible and herbal botanicals! The Botany & Wildcrafting Course, curated by the Herbal Academy team of educators, starts by exploring plants as living beings, their fascinating ecological relationships, and the ways that our own ecosystem can shape our relationship with plants.

This course delves into characteristics of plant parts and the use of dichotomous keys for plant identification, as well as the identification of botanical families and patterns in nature. Hands-on lessons on drawing plants and creating a pressed plant herbarium encourage one-on-one engagement with the plant kingdom. We’ll get you started wildcrafting with a discussion on wildcrafting ethics and techniques, an understanding of at-risk plant species, and botanical, edible, and herbal characteristics of 25 common wild plants.

Choose to upgrade your enrollment with our Botanical Illustrations Workbook, featuring 25 monograph summaries and botanically accurate plant illustrations also spotlighted throughout this class! 

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The Botany & Wildcrafting Course explores plants as living beings and their fascinating ecological relationships with other organisms, as well as the ways in which our own ecosystem can shape how we incorporate plants into our lives.

Together we will explore the visual characteristics of plant parts and learn how to use dichotomous keys for plant identification. We’ll learn tips and tools for identifying botanical families and patterns in nature, and how our familiarity with various plant families can help inform our ability to identify plants and in some cases, understand how we can use them. We’ll get hands-on with lessons dedicated to more artistic ways of engaging with the plant kingdom through drawing (everyone can do it!) and creating a personal herbarium of pressed plant specimens.

Together, we’ll dive into the ethics and techniques of wild-harvesting, and introduce many common wild edibles and herbs (and how to identify and use them!) as well as at-risk plant species, all which require the stewardship of conscientious plant-lovers. With plant monographs as a handy reference for 25 common wild edibles and herbs, you will gain confidence as you endeavor to identify these plants on your own.

Botany is the doorway to understanding plants on a deeper level.

This is a one year access introductory to intermediate level course for budding herbalists and wildcrafters who wish to identify and become more familiar with common wild edibles, herbs, and at-risk plants, as well as gain an understanding of the big picture of plant ecology and how human practices such as wild-harvesting can impact this ecology. Through the study of botanical features and engagement with plants in new ways, the written lessons and videos in this course provide the tools for a wealth of discoveries about the plant kingdom!


The Botany & Wildcrafting Course by Herbal Academy


The Botanical Illustrations Workbook by Herbal Academy

As you will discover in the Botany & Wildcrafting Course, there are so many ways to get to know plants—from foraging for wild dandelion greens to reading botanical identification texts to experiencing herbs directly through sipping raspberry leaf tea or taking elderberry syrup. In Unit 2 of this course, you will expand your plant identification skills under the guidance of Kristine Brown of Herbal Roots Zine as you learn to create your own botanical illustrations.

As a tuition option, you can also upgrade to receive our Botanical Illustrations Workbook, including 25 botanically accurate illustrations ready for your coloring skills, summary monographs from class to complete your learning experience, and blank pages for additional sketches and note-taking! The plants featured in this workbook are also spotlighted in the Botany & Wildcrafting Course lessons. Coloring each plant as you learn about its identifying features and edible and herbal uses is a great way to cement your knowledge of these special wild plants.

Benefits of this Course

The Botany & Wildcrafting Course Outline

Humans have been botanists for thousands of years, using close observation and pattern recognition to become intimately aware of the plants around them. We welcome you to join us in this discovery journey, and re-awaken these skills within you!

Botany and Wildcrafting Course – Herbalism program


How much is the course? 

The Botany & Wildcrafting Course is only $199 full price! This is a one time fee. You will find a number of foraging courses available online that cost a fortune! We believe that this topic benefits so many people as foraging is becoming a popular subject, so we’ve worked with a team of herbalists and botanists to develop this short course complete with the information you need to get started identifying plants and foraging affordably! (You can find free resources and articles on our blog, too, if this course is not yet in your budget.)

How long is the course?

The Botany & Wildcrafting Course is estimated at a minimum of 30 hours to complete the entire program lessons and videos. Of course, acquiring that hands-on experience will lengthen this program! We are giving our students 1 full year to complete the course so you can enjoy it again and again.

I’m so busy! Do I have to get started with the course right away and do I have to attend lectures at a certain time? 

Our students LOVE that our courses are self-paced. Enjoy your lessons, our videos, and your hands-on experience on your own time – whenever it fits in your schedule. Class will become available to you as soon as you place your order, but you can start whenever you’d like. Your program is activated only when you click the “Start Course” button.

Are the plants covered in the class only in the United States? 

Like all of our programs, we design our lessons with an international classroom in mind! The Botany & Wildcrafting Course guides the student to be able to identify and forage for plant species anywhere in the world. Many of the specific wild plants mentioned do grow world-wide, although some are more common in North America.

How long does the sale last? 

We are offering this program with $20 off registration now through the spring! Sign up at the top of this page if you can!

Are there any prerequisites to this course? 

The program is designed for introductory to intermediate level students. If you are a beginner, we welcome you! 

I love the Botanical Illustrations Workbook. Can I purchase this without the course?

Of course! Find our Botanical Illustrations Workbook available for sale in our Goods Shop here!

I’m interested in class, but I’m already taking another program. Will this course remain open? 

We will keep registration open! However, do sign up during our spring sale period if your budget allows. Class is currently $20 off registration. Hold off on getting started in class if you need to. Just click “Start Course” when you are ready to begin.

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